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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fade to Black

I had some time today to reflect on things.. I took 15 minutes of solice and one with nature.

In that time, I was thinking about where I am now.. And where to go.. I also thought about closing down this alter ego but in the end decided to let things stay as a status quo..

Why? You know I dont think I could answer that. There are a couple "good friends" on here that I dont want to be able to chat with..

But I also was thinking about how music has been a part of my life..

One of my favorite stations on satellite radio is "the big 80's" as that is when I was growing up.

If I hear Phil Collins "In the air tonight" I remember getting ready for my 9th grade prom.

"Cant fight this feeling" I remember the curly headed girl that I had the biggest crush on, but lost after 1 date...

"Love Bites" Ironic.. But it's a memory.. Never forget your first!

"Groovy kind of love" Basic Training in the army, working KP duty and just hearing the song and realizing that it was Phil Collins and it was the first taste of outside influence in like months!

And the list goes on.. But there is one song that to this day makes me really reflect. Not in exactly a good way.. As it leads me to hink of some things that i did that werent the most pleasant.. But without them, I wouldnt be where I am now...

There is one song that reminds me not only of my dark moments, but also the time when I was able to start over.. I was married before and we were both very young.. things happened and it was over. She started playing games with me and my heart. I took some things badly and kept trying.. It took me a while to realize it was over. When I did, I had been with some buddies and heard a song on the radio. It was by Metallica and the words just fit into my situation.. But, if you look at them, it can have a different meaning. When the word talk about Life is over, I knew that part of my life was over. I was starting new... The ex didnt see it that way.. I still get a small smile thinking about that! LOL

I got in my car in Ft Lewis Washington and started driving across country. My new life had started..

"Fade to Black"

Life it seems will fade away

Drifting further everyday

Getting lost within myself

Nothing Matters no one else

I have lost the will to live simply nothing more to give

There is nothing more for me

Need the end to set me free

Things not what they used to be, Missing one inside of me

Deadly loss this cant be real

Cannot stand this hell I feel

Emptiness is filling m to the point of agony

Growing darkness taking dawn

I was me but now, hes gone

No one but me can save myself, but its too late

Now I cant think, think why i should even try

Yesterday seems as though it never existed

Death greets me warm, now I will just say Goobye


And so that would be the end of this note.. But no.. Facebook had to drag it up today...

Why, did they need me to have the laugh? Did they need me to find the Ipod toplay the song?

What happened you ask? You know that little box on the side of your homepage that recommends friends...

Today, it recommended that I add my Ex as a friend!! LOL.. Well if she was my friend, she wouldnt be my ex!! LOL

That was the reason I went for the walk and music was stuck in my head..

I dont know why I rambled.. But thanks!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

10 Minutes

This is a follow up to a walk ing the woods.

There has been some time between the last one. Most of it my fault.

We finally found time that would work, and the arrangements were made. On my way there, she asked about outfit. I told her a skirt or a dress. She didnt respond, so I figured this would not be a problem. When she walked out of the house, I saw that she was wearing a pair of jean shorts. I waited till she got in the car, and than we drove off. As we were driving, we discussed the reason she was wearing shorts. I do not think she expected the harshness in my voice..

She responded by saying that she didnt have the pair of panties that she wanted to wear with a dress. I asked her if she had on a pair of panties right now, she said yes. It was about this time that we pulled into the park. I made her pull her shorts down and show me she was wearing a pair of panties. I eplained to her that i was not pleased and that we were going back to her house and she was to go and put on the dress. You could see it in her eyes, she was dissappointed in her failure to please me.

The conversation on the way back was mostly me, telling her that it was basically defiance that led her to believe that she could not listen to my order about her outfit. That she felt that she would be able to walk out of the house, I wouldnt say a word and it would be fine. She got out of the car and went into the house to change.

When she came back out, properly attired, she got back into the car. I let her know I was pleased with her outfit. I than had her look at the clock and tell me what time it was. It was 10 minutes after the hour. So I reminded her that her defiance had caused up to start 10 minutes late. This would come into play multiple times in the next couple of hours. as we drove off, she was ordered to lower her panties and have them be right around her knees. They stayed like this until we arrived at the park.

Upon arrival at the park, there was a gentlman sitting in a truck in the parking lot, but not that many other people around. I told her to get out, and we started our walk. The walk was similar tot he toher one, as it is a quiet part of the park. We walked up to the first 2 buildings, and I had her check the door to the restroom. The door was unlocked, so I made her go in. It was the mens restroom, and I could see the nervousness in her eyes. She was made to go and face the wall, and I gave her the first of the many spanks that were to follow. Each time we did spanks, they were in successions of 10. So she got 10 over the skirt, 10 pantied and 10 bare. We than left the bathroom and walked around the back of another building. She than was told to face the wall and started with her 2 minute increments for "corner time". I used the stop watch to keep accurate count. With about 30 seconds left, she once again recieved her 10 spankings increments. The echo, so close to the buildings was very hot!

After her time was up, we walked towards the football field. I saw a set of bleachers prior to entering the field, so we walked over to them. Once again she got her increments of 10 spanks. Her heart started racing, as we were out in the wide open view of the park. Granted, it is a secluded part, but not hidden like behind the building. She was very hesistant, but wanted to follow orders. After the spanks, I reached down a little further and could feel her excitement. I pointed this out to her, and she responded that yes, she definately was excited.

We than started walking across the field. I stopped her at the middle of the field and once again gave her her 30 strokes. Her gasp when her ass was bared in the middle of the football field. We than walked over to the shack where most of the action took place last time. She was immediately told to get up to the wall, where she started the next 2 minutes of "corner time". There was a loud gasp, when she heard me take off my belt. As she knew what was coming. Towards the end of the 2 minutes, I gave her her 30 strokes, but this time with the belt. We than went up the stirs of the building and she recieved 30 more strokes. I than had her remove her panties completely, and she was told that they would be in her hand until I dropped her off at her house. She gasped, knowing we were going to go and eat after the session.

I forgot to add that I recieved a phone call during her spanings at the building. I was speaking on the phone with one hand and spanking her with the other, I heard her giggle at this.

We than walked back onto the field, and over to the goal post. Her dress was raised, and she had to do another 2 minutes at the goal post... This drove her nuts.. Being in the middle of the field... But she took it, along with the belt like a trooper.

We walked back to the buildings, and she had to take another 2 minutes along with more spanks. It was very hot out so I decided to forgo the last 2 minutes of corner time. We walked to the picnic table that was so close to the parking lot and she took her last 30 strokes.

All the while during this session, I would ask her why she was being spanked and she had to repeat to me why...

We walked back to the car, and she looked so cute with her panties in her hand.

When we left the park, I took her panties and put them up on the dash near the gps for all to see.

We went to Pizza Hut in Bowieand sat in a booth. I made her place her panties on the seat between us. It was funny, beacuse when the food got there, I old her that we should go wash up. She got up out of the booth and almost left them sitting on the booth.

When we walked to the restroom, I almost pulled her in with me, but decided against it at the last second.

We left the restaurant and I dropped her off at her house. The drive from the restaurant to her house was fun, as for some reason she couldnt keep still, or keep her breath! LOL

I did take a couple of photos during this, which added to her excitement. They didnt really show the redness to her ass, and I blame that on the bad quality of a cell phone camera...

She was given a task to do when she got home, I havent heard the results of the task as of yet...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A walk in the woods

( I am reposting a scene that occurred with someone I met from Facebook. She was very submissive and enjoyed it..)

I am not a fiction writer.. Some have asked about my notes.. They are true life.. The difference about this one is, the person that was involved, can read this note. So she if she choses, can make an addition and/or comments.

About her.. She is wonderful, and wonderfully submissive. A little different in that some of the people I have met, are well, trying to be submissive. While she may not agree with a decision, or feel comfortable with it.. She is submissive enough, to want to do it to please me... (And those that know me, know I am about pleasing her..)

We met and she was wearing the dress like we had planned.. We drove to the park, and she seemed surprised when I immediately told her to get out.. Walked around the front of the car to the path and reached over.. She thought I was grabbing her hand, but instead I grabbed her wrist. To a stranger, it probably looked like holding hands, but she knew I was leading her.. I should note, there were alot of cars in the first lot, but not many in the lot where we parked. We walked to the first building, where I had her walk over and stand behind.. I could see no one was walking the path, so I had her lift her skirt and turn around. You could see the confusion in her eyes, the fear and excitement of being caught, but yet the desire to want to follow an order.

I than walked over to her, and she recieved a few hand spanks.. She audibly sighed, worried about someone hearing.. But yet, I could see the nipples poking out, so knew she was enjoying.. I than grabbed her wrist and led her towards the football field. I am very verbal, so we were talking and discussing the scene. I was getting her thoughts, but not asking what she wanted. She knew I would not make her do anything she didnt want to.. I teased her and said I would spank her at the fifty yard line.. We walked over to the shack that was on the sidelines.. Around the back of it, there were no paths or any way to be seen unless someone walked around or over the field..

When we got to the back of the shack, there was some steps, so that was ideal.. I first made her raise her dress, and show me her pretty panties. Thinking back to the question I had posed earlier in the week, most messages I got, stated that having to remove them yourself was the most humiliating.. So that is what I had her do.. When they were down, we started with the hand.. I spanked her thoroughly.. During the spanking, her panties had fallen to her feet, so I made sure to have her look at them, and tell me what she saw.. You could hear it in her voice.. The submissiveness.. Than I had her turn around, and remove my belt.. I made her do it, the look in her eyes.. She so wanted this, she wanted my belt.. Once it was removed, we kissed, she kissed the belt and than bent over awaiting the belt.

I did not want her panties on the ground, so she took her feet out of them, and the crotch of the panties were placed into her mouth. She was warned if they dropped, she would get 50 lashes. They did not drop! From our last meeting, she knew I gave extra for flinching, so she was very good about not flinching.. I noticed it one time, but did allow it to pass.. When the spanking was over, her ass was a solid shade of red with the belt marks very visible. I wanted to see how far she would go to please me, and be submissive.. So I told her that we were going to walk around the football field, and if she kept the panties in her mouth the whole way, she could than put them in her hand..

As we walked around the field, I saw another opening to a field, we explored that area, and she recieved a couple more swats on her bare ass in the open.. She loved it.. As we walked out of the opening towards the field again, we saw a couple walking across the football field. It appeared they were a couple and were just walking around. I allowed her to hold her panties, but they could not be hidden in her hand. As we were walking by the couple it appeared they were heading to the same shack.. I pointed out they were looking for someplace to have some fun, and that soon, she would probably be getting it good. We both Laughed..

We went back to the car and drove off.. I know I probably left out some things, but this was "A walk in the woods" I will say this, I really enjoyed it, and know that she did as well. I do not know if she will comment, and understand if she wont. If she does, she is welcome to add anything that I left out or forgot..

Hope you all enjoyed reading this, let me know what you think.. Harsh? too Harsh? Thoughts?? Thanks...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is there a right answer!

So here I was..

Confused.. Do I say anything? Would you?

Would it have looked bad on me if I had said something?

I walked up to someones desk yesterday. I was standing behind her and she was benidng over working on the computer. While I was behind her, I could see that her shirt had lifted up off of her waist and she was showing her ass and thong to anyone that walked by. The question is.. Do I mention this to her? Would I be viewed as a pervert for noticing this? Or would I be wrong for not saying anything? You see I felt it was a no win situation.

If I said something I was wrong for looking. If I dont say something, I am not being a polite gentleman.

Ugg.. I did not say a word.. But all I can think about now..

Is them darn Penquins on the thong!!! LOL

And before it gets asked.. Yes it was a very nice view!